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The World Championship Blacksmiths, LLC is a group of positive, proactive folks with a lot of energy that is moving forward at a constant pace. We go all over the United States with our production of horseshoeing competitions. We welcome you to be a part of us, as a member, a spectator, a sponsor or merely someone who keeps track of us via this website.

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History of the World Championship Blacksmiths

The WCB was formed in the spring of 2006 as a membership based organization born from an idea that company CEO, Craig Trnka had been kicking around for years. The WCB founders wanted to produce horseshoeing competitions at venues where there was horse owning public to show and educate that a well educated farrier is a powerful tool - the only equine professional who sees the horse on a six week rotation in a non crisis situation.

The first ever and original Super Clinic took place in a covered arena in Houston Texas in January of 2007. Over 200 farriers from across the country gathered to take part in this first ever of its kind event and to preview what the WCB was going to be about!

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Why Hire a Member of World Championship Blacksmiths?

  • A WCB member is a farrier who is concerned about learning everything they can in order to be able to take care of your horses’ feet in the best way possible.
  • WCB members believe in continuing education.
  • WCB members belong to a community of farriers with a wealth of knowledge that each member can draw upon.
  • WCB members believe in our friends, the horse – part of a poem reminds us: no foot, no horse!
  • You can expect professionalism and ethical behavior from WCB members.
  • WCB members believe in tradition while acknowledging that innovative ideas are on the horizon.
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  The WCB is an organization that relies on membership and co-marketing to continue its education mission. We strongly believe that we can help promote your company, product, help boost your sales and brand awareness in several different ways. We have different levels of sponsorship that we can structure specifically to your needs. Read more...
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