Contest Overview

A World Championship Blacksmiths Horseshoeing Contest is a 3 day event comprised of 4 rounds: Two Man, Single Man, Live Horseshoeing, and Match Play.

The first two days start with a Farrier Clinic in the morning followed by Match Play. At the conclusion of match play either the Single Man or the Two Man will be run.

The third day is Live Horseshoeing followed by an Auction and Awards Ceremony.

At the end of each round all of the shoes are placed on a table and scored by the Judge.

Below is a description of each round:

Match Play

A one-on-one speed forging tournament. Each contestant pulls a number out of a hat and is placed in a tournament bracket. The first round is 12 minutes to make a designated horseshoe. At the end of 12 minutes the shoes are judged and the winner moves on to the next bracket.

Two Man

A 60 minute round where the contestant has a fireman and striker. One many makes a pair of horseshoes with the help of another working his fire and swinging a sledge hammer. The shoes in this round are usually heavier and bigger shoes which require a striker swinging a sledge hammer.

Single Man

60 minute round where the contestant must make a pair of shoes and manage his own fire.

Live Horseshoeing

70 minute round where the contestant must shoe one foot on a horse with a handmade shoe and also make a specimen shoe at the same time.