Our History

The WCB was formed in the spring of 2006 as a membership based organization born from an idea that company CEO, Craig Trnka had been kicking around for years. It began with a small core of people who brainstormed and gathered information then pulled the trigger with the WCB officially launching on June 19, 2006. The WCB founders wanted to produce horseshoeing competitions at venues where there  was horse owning public to show and educate that a well educated farrier is a powerful tool – the only equine professional who sees the horse on a six week rotation in a non crisis situation.

The first ever and original Super Clinic took place in a covered arena in Houston Texas in January of 2007. Over 200 farriers from across the country gathered to take part in this first ever of its kind event and to preview what the WCB was going to be about. The first competition of the first season took place in April of 2007 at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs Racetrack and Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. The idea of horseshoeing competitors being able to arrive at a destination with just their toolbox was a completely new concept. All of the equipment was there for them; the anvil, forge, vice and all the little pieces that competitors used to have to haul in the back of a pickup truck if they were going to go to any other horseshoeing competition. With the go round format the WCB instilled a much greater amount of education being taken away from each event. With go rounds competitors compete once, then can observe their peers and learn from them. There was a lot to learn and wrinkles to iron out but the WCB was on its way. The 2007 season included stops in Durango, Colorado in June, the Western Montana Fair in Dillon Montana in August, Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA in November, Athens Georgia in January of 2008 and the season ended at the Florida State Fair in Tampa Florida at the end of January of 2008 where our first National Champion was crowned. Mr. Bill Poor of Midland Texas was the first WCB National Champion after an eventful first season.

It is 2024 now and we have traveled many miles and have had many people join us along our journey. This season we are going to run 1 4-person team competition and 4 individual competitions and a World Championship at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Canada. Please see our calendar for each event’s details.

Our passion is strong and we hope you join us as we move along on this grand adventure. Education through competition.

Past WCB National Champions

2023Stan Mullen, CJFStan Mullen, CJF
2022Dillon Crane, CJFCarl Via, CJF
2021Chris Madrid, CJFSawyer Spradling, CJF
2020Chris Madrid, CJFMike Poe, CJF AWCF
2019Carl Via, CJFAdam Fahr, CJF  
2018Tom PetersenAndrew Nielson
2017Chris MadridTyson Clark
2016Tom PetersenJoe Nygren
2015Chris MadridPatrick Dutton
2014Cody GregoryWilliam Kiner
2013Travis Koons, CJFCody Gregory
2012Chris Madrid, CFChris Gregory
2011Travis Koons, CJFDusty Franklin, CJF
2010Gene Lieser, CJFTim Hoover (Hooter), CJF
2009Travis Koons, CJFChris Madrid, CF
2008Travis Koons, CJFDaniel Jones, CJF
2007Bill Poor, CJFTodd Walker, CJF