The WCB is an organization that relies on membership and co-marketing to continue its education mission. We strongly believe that we can help promote your company, product, help boost your sales and brand awareness in several different ways:

  1. Promoting you at our five events across the United States at well attended horse fairs and state fairs. Promotion begins when the WCB 50 foot yellow traveling van, which displays sponsors logos, leaves the Edgewood, New Mexico business office and does not end until it returns.
  2. Promoting you and your product in our newsletter, Barstock, and on our web site.
  3. And the best way possible; through our membership of over 250 farriers from across the United States, Canada and EU. How can this promote my company you may ask? Farriers are the only equine professional that visit horses (and their owners, trainers and keepers) on a 6-8 week basis in a non crisis situation. Our members work for an average of 93 clients, shoeing and trimming anywhere from 1-30 horses a day.

We have different levels of sponsorship that we can structure specifically to your needs. WCB is a positive, energetic and growing company.